Balloon modelling superhero Party

Posted by admin on April 15, 2011


Tomorrow I’m doing a superhero party where I will be doing balloon modelling. So today I have been doing research on superheroes because when someone puts you on the spot is difficult to be able to name 10 superheroes that children would recognise. There are the obvious ones that stand out and most of those are made already but because there are going to be 10 children I’ve tried to make 10 different ones so far I have done these.


A Spiderman balloon model
I hope you are able to tell who they are without what’s written below them.


Batman balloon model
Obviously after the three biggest hard to think of superheroes that children very young children will know


Incredible Hulk balloon model
Incredible Hulk
Now I am not entirely sure if they will know this next one but my wife says she thinks telling them they will know.


Iron man bluebottle
As I am limited by the number of pictures that I can put within this blog I’ll show you one other. These have not taken me too long to make but making sure they look right has been far more difficult and overseeing the running repairs because it is inevitable that some will go down after working with others.

Although I must stop writing now is tonight I will be performing at the White Rock inn in Underiver for night of magic. I’ll write a blog later to tell you how it goes