3rd Year Row One Man Down

Posted by admin on December 16, 2011

On Wednesday, for the 3rd year in a row I was booked to do Christmas party in Leatherhead, This was the 1st year I hadn’t worked with David Crofts as he was unavailable.

What normally happens is David Crofts does balloon modelling and I perform  close-up magic however this year my roles was reversed, although I’m pleased to say was able to do quite considerable amount of  close up magic. This year I was joined by Maximilian Somerset. The majority of the event we spend entertaining queue of employees as they wait for their Christmas dinner. The queue is constant for a at least an hour and a half and what we have to do a short close up magic tricks, or balloon modelling, so to limit the time they are waiting and add some extra enjoyment to the day.

One of the amazing things they do is have a fantastic raffle, as I have done each year I have partaken within it and this year they were able to raise £3000 for their chosen charity. This will give you an additional indication of how many employees we entertain.

After  the performers finish, we are able to have our own Christmas dinner and of course is a time to be inundated with requests for additional balloon animals that have been asked for earlier But as in the last few years are thoroughly enjoyable event and incredibly friendly employees.