30th birthday show with a difference

Posted by admin on September 13, 2011

Robert Pound on Saturday got booked for an interesting job, just round the corner from Hampton court, I was asked if I would do an hours worth of parlour magic with small groups from a party and then someclose up magic.

I arrived there, after finish a job in another part of london but no where near Hampton court however on my journey, I was texted and asked if I could start an hour later, which wasn’t a problem. Once I arrived I spend sometime getting different things ready as I decided I would not necessary do the same parlour show for each group. With the first few groups it was only a handful of people however the last group I had a room full, as Saturday was very humid the room became warmer and warmer as each group came and went so the last magic effect I performed, with the parlour show I did in the garden, so all of the other guested got to see it also.

Once I had finished the parlour show I started doing some close up magic however most just gather round to watch what I performed, thankfully this was outside in the marquee as it was much cooler.

Once I had finished it was time to pack up, not before watching Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in a thrilling semi final in the us open, with the quick turn around from each performance I didn’t get an opportunity to tidy up so this took quite sometime. Whilst I packed up I was able to talk to my client and some of his guests and it was a perfect ending to a busy day